ミュージック , ブルース・カントリー , ミシシッピデルタ・カントリーブルース,/mettle945371.html,1436円,Blues,Free,Equal,kokura-rugby.sakura.ne.jp Free Equal 定価の67%OFF Blues 1436円 Free Equal Blues ミュージック ブルース・カントリー ミシシッピデルタ・カントリーブルース ミュージック , ブルース・カントリー , ミシシッピデルタ・カントリーブルース,/mettle945371.html,1436円,Blues,Free,Equal,kokura-rugby.sakura.ne.jp Free Equal 定価の67%OFF Blues 1436円 Free Equal Blues ミュージック ブルース・カントリー ミシシッピデルタ・カントリーブルース

Free 捧呈 Equal 定価の67%OFF Blues

Free Equal Blues


Free Equal Blues



These mid-'40s Folkways sessions capture the all-time great blues guitarist/folk singer at his prime. He ruminates about civil rights, World War II and labor struggles as he sings the House I Live In; in My Time of Dying; Motherless Children; Beloved Comrade; One Meat Ball; Free and Equal Blues, and more.


The material on this album is from White's heyday in the mid-1940s, when he was one of folk music's most influential stars. An accomplished guitarist with a beautiful, warm voice, his topical protest and rallying songs anticipated the marriage of folk and social issues of the '50s and '60s. He blended the folk roots of Leadbelly with politics of Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger. In fact, on this album, he's accompanied by Burl Ives, Alan Lomax, Pete Seeger, Brownie McGee, Sonny Terry, and Leadbelly himself. But because the material is from the '40s, White was equally concerned about oppression by landlords, fascists, and segregationists. Free and Equal Blues is a fascinating snapshot that captures White's righteous dignity and stellar artistry. "i"--Richard Price

Free Equal Blues





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