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いよいよ人気ブランド Meets Oscar Peterson 希少 Master 20-Bit

Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)


Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)



Ben Webster's tenor saxophone is one of the utterly distinctive and inimitable sounds in jazz and in 1959, when this set was recorded, it had reached its full breathy, melting ripeness. It was more than an instrumental tone; it was a voice, with all the variety of nuance that the human voice can command. He applies it here to seven classic American songs, well-known melodies which he explores with the ease and relaxation of long familiarity. Only Sinatra's own version could equal Webster's exposition of "In The Wee Small Hours Of the Morning", while Ray Noble's "The Touch Of Your Lips" was never so well served, either before or since. Most of the pieces are taken either as slow ballads or at an easy, mid-tempo lope, the one exception being "Sunday", which swings out with a will. Oscar Peterson is so celebrated as a virtuoso pianist that his virtues as an accompanist are rarely noticed, but he is one of the most supportive partners any soloist could desire. Along with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen, his regular bass-and-drums team of the time, he provides the perfect setting for Webster. Altogether, this is a golden set from a golden era. --Dave Gelly

Meets Oscar Peterson (20-Bit Master)


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