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Austin Powers: Goldmember


Austin Powers: Goldmember



Whereas the first two Austin Powers soundtracks concentrated on swinging-'60s mod, soul, and rock shagadelica, "i"Goldmember shakes its '70s funk and disco groove thing. Angie Stone turns in a silky cover of "Groove Me," while Beyoncé Knowles belts "Work It Out" in fierce diva style over rickety but slinky beats. Soul Hooligan add cheesy vocoded vocals and synths to their version of Electric Light Orchestra's "Evil Woman"; Paul Oakenfold mashes up "A Fifth of Beethoven" with a dark, Mission Impossible-like melody; and the Rolling Stones' disco excursion "Miss You" is imbued with an intoxicating step-beat and throbbing strings by Dr. Dre. Even Mike Myers gets into the groove action, drolly spoofing Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" as Dr. Evil, to hilarious effect. But like the hedonistic '70s, there's not much substance underneath the songs. While understandable--Austin Powers isn't meant to be brain surgery--glitzy dance tracks by Foxxy Cleopatra, Britney Spears, and Oakenfold especially drag and become clunky. "i"--Annie Zaleski

Product Description

Yeah, baby! Austin Powers, the hipster secret agent from the '60s, is back! Leading the way for the soundtrack album to Austin Powers In Goldmember are songs from Destiny's Child's Beyonce Knowles (who plays Foxxy Cleopatra) and Britney Spears (who appears as herself). 1999's The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack was a platinum-selling, top 5 hit. Austin Powers In Goldmember is swingin' way past gold, baby!

Austin Powers: Goldmember