/celestitude1329499.html,34:,Matter,DVD , 外国映画 , SF,7000円,of,Star,kokura-rugby.sakura.ne.jp,Honor,Trek,Next,[VHS] /celestitude1329499.html,34:,Matter,DVD , 外国映画 , SF,7000円,of,Star,kokura-rugby.sakura.ne.jp,Honor,Trek,Next,[VHS] Star Trek Next 34: Matter of 初売り VHS Honor 7000円 Star Trek Next 34: Matter of Honor [VHS] DVD 外国映画 SF 7000円 Star Trek Next 34: Matter of Honor [VHS] DVD 外国映画 SF Star Trek Next 34: Matter of 初売り VHS Honor

Star Trek Next 34: Matter of 希望者のみラッピング無料 初売り VHS Honor

Star Trek Next 34: Matter of Honor [VHS]


Star Trek Next 34: Matter of Honor [VHS]



A Federation officer exchange program offers a highly entertaining look at culture shock with a vengeance. The Enterprise hosts Mendon, a Benzite who is all too eager to please and manages to rub both Worf and Captain Picard the wrong way. Meanwhile, Riker becomes first mate on the Klingon cruiser Pagh. A misunderstanding leads to a Klingon attack on the Enterprise and Riker must sort out his conflicting loyalties. This episode, an early look at Klingon culture, is great fun. Screenwriter Burton Armus clearly had a terrific time exploring the aggressive Klingon ways, and the show manages to make a point about cultural misunderstandings without losing its sense of humor. This is the perfect episode for those who like their gagh served cold. --Ali Davis

Star Trek Next 34: Matter of Honor [VHS]

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